Best Sunglasses For Fly Fishing-Best Trout Fishing Sunglasses

While fly fishing or trout fishing, one of the important factors is the protection of your eyes. Having suitable fly fishing gear is important for trout fishing and fly fishing. However, anglers find it hard to select the right pair of sunglasses. We have been fishing for many years in the Outer Banks, North Carolina during all types of weather. Therefore, we have quite an experience when it comes to polarized sunglasses for fly fishing. Instead of keeping it to ourselves, we made a list of the best sunglasses for fly fishing. The best-polarized fishing sunglasses for fly fishing must have the ability to reduce glare and should make the fish look visible in the water.

In the beginning, it was hard to find the best trout fishing sunglasses until we came across polarized fishing sunglasses. The main factor is that they are best for all types of fishing from fly fishing to trout fishing. You can trust us as we tested the best brands along with some less-known brands of trout fishing sunglasses. Additionally, we also picked different frame styles so you can have a variety of choices.

Take a look at our top picks and also read the buying guide to understand the importance of lens color. The buying guide is for beginners which will help in your final decision on polarized sunglasses for 2023.  

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Blackfin Round Sunglasses
Mate Black/ Grey Blue

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backpac Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses  Material

‎Tortoise Frames/Amber-green Mirror Lenses

Item Dimensions LxWxH
‎1 x 1 x 1 inches

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backpac HUK, Polarized Lens Eyewear With Performance Frames,
Green Mirror

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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley Rectangular Sunglasses
Mate Black/ Grey Blue

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backpac Maui Jim Men’s and Women’s Peahi Polarized Wrap Sunglasses Color
Black Matte Rubber

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backpac Flying Fisherman 7879BSB Streamer Polarized Sunglasses Color
Matte Tortoise Frames/ Amber green mirror lens

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backpac Oakley Men’s OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses Color
Matte Black/Prizm Deep water polarized

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1. Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses-Best Costa fishing sunglasses for 2023

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized sunglasses feature a TR-90 Nylon handle with a 580G lens. You can choose from matte black or grey blue mirrored lenses with 62 mm size and 2 ounces weight. If protection is your goal then go for these as the blue lens will keep your eyes away from the glare. The label 580G on these means these are made of premium glass that is 20% thinner than regular glass lenses. Even on bright sunny days, we had no problem looking deep underwater while fly fishing.

Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin Round Sunglasses

The 580 lenses offer much more than standard polarised lenses. By limiting the sufficient amount of dangerous yellow light and blue light while increasing beneficial reds, blues, and greens, you get full visibility. In addition to that, this glass lens isn’t as heavy as others so don’t worry about its weight. Its frame is made from TR-90 Nylon which is a lightweight material.

Along with being light, we found it to be resistant to heat and coldness of the weather. Another plus factor is that these are manufactured while being environmentally cautious. You can opt for 580P sunglasses if you want a plastic lens. They might be lighter than regular glass but they were still quite heavy.


  • 10% light transition for high visibility
  • Great for offshore fly fishing
  • Performs well even under harsh sunlight
  • Fits well on the face
  • Comes in a plastic option and green color as well


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Final words

To be precise, the Costa Del Mar proves to be one of the best sunglasses for fly fishing due to its durability and high performance under harsh light. It provides high visibility using a 10% light transition allowing you to see under the water. You will feel comfortable while wearing them and they will not tire your eyes during prolonged usage.

2. Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses-Best durable sunglasses for fly fishing

The Fisherman Matecumbe are known for their durability and their performance even under hard conditions as they use scratch-resistant, polarized triacetate lenses. While trout fishing, you might encounter many rocks but these sunglasses helped in differentiating rocks and trout easily. These sunglasses are durable enough, made up of plastic material, with a lens size of 1x1x1 inches, weighing 2.4 ounces. Flying Fisherman Action Angler Sunglasses with polarized triacetate lenses are the best partner any fisher could have. This also allows you to see beneath the water’s surface by eliminating glares and increasing contrast and clarity. The tiger-printed pattern gives it a chic and stylish look for fashion. These unisex sunglasses can be worn by any gender.

Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses

Furthermore, these glasses are easily affordable while being fully functional for both fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts. The polycarbonate frame is designed for fishers who want non-slipping sunglasses.

To add to comfort, they are light and tough. Plus, you can see below the water’s surface thanks to the AcuTint Polarized Lens System. Due to that, it performs perfectly to block UVA and UVB rays, refine contrast and clarity, and reduce glare. The glasses are hard-coated to show impact resistance.

We had no problem viewing fish in clear and murky water, but these do not come in copper lenses. There are not many lens color options except blue and smoke color. Therefore, we recommend this for trout fishing or fly fishing during normal weather.


  • Affordable
  • Tough and impact-resistant
  • Lightweight 
  • Non-slip design
  • Suitable for comfort and protection


  • Not many lens color options

Final Words

To conclude, the Flying Fisherman Matecumbe provides a clear and sharp view even beneath the water’s surface using an amber-green colored polarized lens. You can buy it at a reasonable cost and it provides all the functionality that the best sunglass for fly fishing has. With their lightweight design, they are not just comfortable to wear but also help protect the eyes from any damage. The only downside is that it does not offer a variety of colors in lenses.

3. HUK Polarized Lens Eyewear-Best Sunglasses for low light fly fishing

For a variety of sunglasses frames and lens colors, you can look into HUK polarized sunglasses. These do not discriminate and offer unisex designs with optimal usage. The green lens HUK polarized sunglasses work best in low light conditions, especially during cloudy weather, made up of durable plastic material.

HUK, Polarized Lens Eyewear

Its arm size is 124 millimeters which fits on average-sized faces with 38.9×64.2 mm lens size and 2 ounces weight. You can change the size as you want from small to large. HUK polarized polycarbonate lenses come with a hydrophobic lens coating. It is so, splashing in the water while fly fishing did not seem to affect its performance.

These are hard to scratch along with being stylish making them perfect for both fly fishing and normal use. These offer outstanding clarity which enables you to not get fazed by glare. For durability and convenience, the TR90 frame material in the frame adds comfort to the frame. While fishing, these will stick to you like glue as they are equipped with non-slip rubber ends.

An 8-base wrap improves light blocking and features and ergonomic design. But when we tried this on different faces, not all sizes seemed to fit everyone. And the packaging could be better if they included a case and a cleaning cloth. Aside from that, these are great for feeling comfortable while fly fishing.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal protection from UV rays
  • Variety of colors and frame designs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Non-slip design


  • Does not fit all types of faces
  • Packaging was downcasted as compared to others.

Final Words

To summarize, the HUK sunglasses secure your eyes and are comfortable to wear as they are composed of polycarbonate polarized lenses with a plastic frame. You can choose from a variety of color and frame design that matches your requirements. However, it doesn’t fit all types of faces so you need to be a bit careful while purchasing them.

4. Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley Rectangular Sunglasses-Best sunglasses for trout fishing

While wearing Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley sunglasses, you can view objects even at extreme angles. Let’s talk about its lens, Costas has the best control and protection over light and glare with availability in Matte Black/Grey Blue colors. This has zero problems with completely absorbing UV rays from all sides of the lens. It’s also made up of durable plastic and can still view objects while it’s wet. Additional scratch protection is offered by the C-Wall coating, which also acts as a shield that deters sweat, oil, and liquids for simple cleaning. But unlike other Costa lenses, this only comes in a plastic 580P model and has no glass model with a lens size of 62×41 millimeters, weighing 580g.

sunglasses for fly fishing

Moving onto its frame, we found it stable but not that stable in dynamic movements. We did see the rubber on the temples of the frame but the slipping seemed inevitable during fast movements. TR-nylon is injected into the frame to make it comfortable and durable.

In addition to that, it has tons of variety when it comes to lens color. Copper, grey, yellow, blue/green/silver mirror lens colors are offered in this. Also, it is eco-friendly and has a 10% light transmission.


  • Variety of lens color
  • Impact-resistant
  • Comfortable yet durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • Not available in glass lens
  • The frame is not made for dynamic movements.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley is an eco-friendly sunglasses that is entirely made up of plastic, even the lens. They are comfortable to wear and are impact-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your eyes while fly fishing. You can easily clean them without any effort. The only drawback is that its frame is not the best choice for dynamic movements and some fishermen prefer glass lenses over plastic lenses.

5. Maui Jim Peahi Wrap Sunglasses-Best Nylon sunglasses for fly fishing

With 100% polarized, Hydrophobic, and Oleophobic, it’s already attractive to fishers who like fly fishing. Anyone who has been into fishing must be familiar with Maui Jim manufacturers. The Maui Jim Peahi wrap sunglasses were hard to ignore with their nylon material and Black Matte/Blue Hawaii hues.

Best sunglasses for trout fishing

Anglers who have a hard time wearing glasses will find this suitable due to its bi-gradient mirror. This relaxes your eyes whilst ensuring high color contrast to look underwater. Furthermore, the clear shell makes this lens scratch-resistant so durability isn’t an issue with a 65×41 mm lens size and 2 ounces weight.

The issue might be its high price for some fishers. With nylon frames, you get comfy eyewear and the blue mirror coating allows you to have premium eyewear. Beyond protecting your vision from glaring and hazardous rays, PolarizedPlus2 lens technology helps to enhance colors to bring forth the actual shapes and forms of fish in deep water. You can wear these minimalistic designed sunglasses for general use as well.

This is an all-in-one polarized sunglasses that makes it easy to spot fish.  But that’s not all, it has many colors of lenses and frames. To know which color you would like in the lens, you can read the buying guide. Beware that the mirror lens is of glass which might be heavy if you are used to plastic lenses.


  • The super-thin glass that is durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Clarity vision
  • Premium lens technology
  • 2-year warranty to ensure durability


  • Expensive
  • Heavier than other plastic lenses.

Final Words

In short, the Maui Jim Peahi is known for its super-thin glass lens that is highly durable and provides clear vision while protecting your eyes. It is scratch-resistant and uses better lens technology allowing a better view of the surroundings. And due to lens technology, it might seem heavy. Furthermore, with a nylon frame, you will feel comfortable and can wear it without any problem for long hours. However, it is a bit expensive so not everyone can afford it.

6. Flying Fisherman 7879BSB-Best budget-friendly sunglasses for fly fishing

Flying Fisherman 7879BSB is the most affordable yet protective fly fishing sunglasses available in Matte Tortoise Frames/Amber-green Mirror Lenses. They come in plastic material with polarized lenses of size 55×37 mm while weighing 23 g. For fly fishing, the angler lens system offers high visibility whilst blocking harmful rays.

best sunglasses for fly fishing

Furthermore, the design of the frame is flexible which keeps the glasses on your face even during fast-paced movements. The lens and frame are of plastic which may not be as durable as others but they do not get scratched easily. Even at a cheap cost, the manufacturers made it scratch-resistant by hard coating the lens and frame.

Another thing we liked about this is that even with its cheap price you get temple pads for comfort. In addition to that, the Accu Tint Polarized Sun Lens System with amber-green color is best for dark water. You get crystal clear visibility making sure you spot all types of fish while wearing these sunglasses. Also, you get a 1-year warranty to ensure durability.

Keep in mind that this model does not come with a case but for its price, it offers many useful features. You can wear these outdoors and even use them for activities other than fly fishing.


  • Cost-effective
  • Maximum UV protection
  • High visibility in murky water
  • Tempel cushion for comfort
  • Great curvature design for a wide view


  • No casing
  • Not everyone likes small-frame designs.

Final Words

To conclude, the Flying Fisherman 7879BSB is the best budget-friendly sunglasses for fly fishing that has a polarized lens and provides high visibility even under murky water. It also protects even in harmful weather and comes with a Temple cushion for comfortable wear. Moreover, its curvature is designed in such a way that it provides a wide view. However, it has a small frame design which not all fishermen prefer and it comes with no casing.


7. Oakley Split Shot OO9416-Best fitting sunglasses for fly fishing

We saved the best for the last, Oakley Split Shot covers your eyes from the sun, no matter what face size you have with Black Ink / Prizm Grey hues. Firstly, the full coverage is given by a wraparound frame, extended side shields, and a drawn-out frame top. This way you get a view from all sides of your eyes without straining. You might love it but do not be shocked by its price as this is worth the cost. The glasses are made up of plastic and have a lens size of 64 mm with 29 g weight.

Oakley Men's OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses

Secondly, PRIZM lenses are the ideal complement to Split Shot’s premium frame style.  This technology increases the contrast in particular settings and filters out colors that are sensitive to your eye. Instead of only seeing the reflection of the water’s surface, PRIZM technology allows you to look into the water.

The majority of sunglasses include a leash which is difficult to attach and reattach with zero security. The Integrated Retainer System takes away this problem by featuring a light, highly versatile 20-inch leash constructed of coated weave steel. This makes the attaching and reattaching procedure simpler and more secure.

So, the main reason why we love this is because of its three-point fit system. if you don’t know what it is, it simply removes pressure from the nose and ears. As a result, the fit is cozy and suitable for prolonged wear.


  • Reliable sunglasses skit
  • Includes a high-quality leash
  • O-matter frame construction
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Reduces glare and offers high visibility


  • Expensive

Final Words

To summarize, the Oakley Split Shot OO9416 are the best sunglasses for fly fishing if you have a budget for them as they come with a non-polarized plastic lens that reduces glare and offers high visibility. They have strong construction and can last long even in harsh conditions. Despite being strong and sturdy, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, as they are expensive not everyone can afford them.

Buying Guide

If you are a beginner then read this guide before finalizing your purchase of the best sunglasses for fly fishing. While fly fishing or trout fishing, you would want to have a view without any glare along with UV protection. Regular fishing sunglasses aren’t cut out for it, trust us we have tried them, and not only do they injure eyesight but also tire the eyes out.

This is why we only listed polarized sunglasses as the best trout fishing sunglasses. Read the importance of polarized sunglasses if you don’t know the dangers of fishing without sunglasses. People who already know the importance can jump to see the features of polarized sunglasses for fly fishing to know what fits them best.

Importance of sunglasses for fly fishing

To lessen brightness reflected from water, polarised sunglasses include a specific glass filter that minimizes the powerful glare of the sun’s rays. The molecules are organized in parallel strands as a result of heating and compressing a coating over the lens.

Let us see why anglers should be thankful for the invention of polarized sunglasses:

● Thanks to this, the fisherman has a more distinct perception of the fish’s details and form.

● They increase visibility, hence making your fishing experience better.

● Your eyes can see what is below and around them because of polarised lenses’ ability to cut through haze and surface glare.

● Additionally, they offer significantly higher contrast on seawater or clear water in any weather.

How to know if the lens is polarized?

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to determine whether or not sunglasses are polarised and appropriate for fly fishing. You can do this in two ways:

● When using polarized sunglasses, some areas of the image will go black when you tilt the sunglasses over a photo on a smartphone or any LCD device.

● Wear your sunglasses and sit while facing the screen of the fish finder, if the screen dims then your sunglasses have a polarized lens. If the screen stays the same then your sunglasses have a regular lens.

Features in polarized sunglasses for fly fishing

Not all polarized sunglasses are the same. There are different lens colors, various materials, and frame styles. We have given a brief guide to help you select the best sunglasses for fly fishing.

● Material:

Sunglasses have two parts, one is the lens and the other is the frame. The material of both parts should be taken into consideration. All lenses in polarized form give 100% protection from UV rays regardless of material. We are telling the material of lenses and frames to differentiate which is light and durable only. Choose the one you find most suitable.

● Lens

Lenses come in three materials; Glass, Polycarbonate, and Nylon. Glass is expensive but is scratch-resistant. Polycarbonate is not breakable as compared to glass lenses and is cheap. Nylon is hard to find in polarized sunglasses but the few models offer amazing optical accuracy and are durable. We recommend polycarbonate because they are more durable and light. 

● Frame

The frame should have a material that does not constantly slip off your face. Minimal frames are recommended as they offer simplicity in fitting and reduce condensation. Make sure the fame fits your nose, face, and ears perfectly.

Color of lens:

In regular sunglasses color of the lens might be a concern for style but that’s not the case in polarized sunglasses. The following points will help you tell the distinctive features of different colors of lenses in polarized sunglasses for trout fishing.

● Blue

Blue has a calming effect on the eyes and is best for open-water fishing during sunny afternoons. These can be used for fly fishing too.

● Green

If you are going fly fishing in cloudy weather and want a lens that will reduce glare and brighten shadow then green is the best. These work best in low-light fly fishing conditions.

● Grey

Go for grey lenses if you do not fly fishing during low-light conditions. They perform admirably in sunny weather and even under artificial light at night.

● Silver

Silver lenses enhance color contrast and are recommended for stream fishing or fly fishing in freshwater. We do not recommend this for trout fishing. 

● Copper

Copper lenses offer brighter visibility than silver mirror lenses. These are great for cutting glare and go well with all types of fishing including fly fishing and trout fishing.

● Amber

Your amber or brown sunglass lenses will soothe your eyes and enhance contrast. Additionally, they offer the best clarity for seeing fish in darker seas when more brightness is required.

● Yellow

You will love using a yellow lens during sunrise or sunset. They work well even in muddy waters and with these, you will be able to see fish easily.


Expensive polarized sunglasses do not always mean the best. Take for example glass lenses that are expensive but they are heavy and breakable. Just avoid cheap plastic regular sunglasses and get budget-friendly polarized sunglasses of any kind. If you want durable sunglasses that are cheap then go for a polycarbonate polarized lens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What injuries can I suffer if I do not wear polarized sunglasses while fly fishing?

Your chance of acquiring cataracts, photokeratitis, and other eye conditions is heightened when you do not wear polarized sunglasses while fishing.

2. Are non-polarized sunglasses appropriate for fly fishing?

Non-polarized sunglasses are just not made for fly fishing and you will not be able to see fish at all underwater.

3. Which lens color is ideal for fly fishing?

For general, shallow water, river, lake, and flats fly fishing, lenses in the amber, copper, bronze, or brown spectrum are without a doubt the ideal option.

4. What does 580G or 580P mean in sunglasses?

G means glass and P stands for plastic. Costa is a manufacturing company that labels its lenses to show differences from other regular lenses. They are scratch-resistant and thinner than regular lenses.

Final verdict

Overall, this was our take on the best sunglasses for fly fishing or more specifically on the best-polarized fishing sunglasses for fly fishing. We hope you also understand the importance of the best fly-fishing sunglasses for anglers in different weathers.

Make sure you get the ones that fit your face and nose nicely. Once you get the right one, you will find it easier to be productive. Furthermore, fly fishing will be fun as your eyes will not get tired in all types of weather and light conditions.

Still can not decide on the best sunglasses for fly fishing? Let us give our top three favorite polarized sunglasses for 2023:

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses-Best Costa fishing sunglasses for 2023: This is for people who want full protection and a premium lens. You can use this 580G lens for all types of fishing including fly fishing!

Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses-Best durable sunglasses for fly fishing: People who find that their sunglasses for fly fishing break easily can go for this. AcuTint Polarized Lens System and the tough frame provide great performance.

HUK Polarized Lens Eyewear-Best Sunglasses for low light fly fishing: Lastly, if your timing of fly fishing is around sunset or sunrise, you will find HUK polarized sunglasses great.

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