Best Costa Fishing Sunglasses-Best For 2024

Costa fishing sunglasses must be of high quality as their main function is to protect your eyes from sun damage. Additionally, they reduce glare and act as a barrier against sinkers and flying hooks. The main priority while getting these best Costa fishing sunglasses is that they should give you maximum UV protection.

The reason is that when we expose ourselves to UV light, we might suffer certain eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts, which ultimately result in serious vision problems.

Unfortunately, in these conditions, you might have the danger of total loss of sight. So, it is always necessary to defend yourself against UV light and give maximum protection to your eyes when fishing or at the seaside.

Best Costa fishing sunglasses; Features

Costa sunglasses fishing must also be polarized, according to experts. The reason is that when we choose polarized lenses, along with reducing glare, we will also observe an improvement in our ability to see beneath the surface.

So, while wearing these fishing sunglasses, we will feel more comfortable during long hours on the water. Other features we should also keep in mind are the perfect fit of the glasses, frame material, color of the lens, etc.

If the frame material is made up of high-quality material such as nylon, it can easily withstand prolonged seawater and sun exposure. Make sure that the best Costa fishing glasses material is made of rust-resistant metal or high-quality plastic.

What do we mean by Costa fishing sunglasses?

Costa fishing sunglasses are polarized glasses where the lenses are specially made to eliminate glare by blocking the reflective light. Normally, the Costa fishing sunglasses are made by keeping in mind the patented 580 lens Technology.

Another important feature I am really impressed with is that they can easily block the high amount of harsh yellow light and other harmful blue light, enhancing the green, blue, and red colors.

What is the meaning of 580G on Costa sunglasses?

These types of sunglasses are made up of glass and labeled 580G. The main specialty of these sunglasses is that they are scratch-resistant, but we cannot call them 100% scratch-proof glasses.

Are Costa sunglasses best for fishing?

Normally, Costa sunglasses with copper lenses are best for fishing. The reason is that they are versatile sunglasses that cut glare and increase contrast and warm colors. Costa sunglasses are also ideal for driving in cloudy and sunny conditions.

Why are polarized glasses considered the best sunglasses for fishing?

Best Costa fishing sunglasses have polarized lenses and are mostly used in outdoor activities. You will also feel comfortable while wearing Costa polarized fishing sunglasses.

These polarized glasses give maximum protection to your eyes, reducing squinting. You will also be able to see the water’s surface more clearly compared to simple sunglasses.

Normally, simple sunglasses give you UVA and UVB protection, but the Costa sunglasses block the reflective glare necessary for anyone outdoors or on water.

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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Rincon Fishing and Watersports Rectangular Sunglasses

Matte Smoke Crystal

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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Fernandina Aviator Sunglasses


Shiny Rose Gold/Copper Polarized
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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Montauk Rectangular Sunglasses


Matte Black/Green Mirror
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backpac Costa Del Mar Women’s Waterwoman Rectangular Sunglasses


Shiny Wahoo
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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Spearo Square Sunglasses


Blackout/Blue Mirrored Polarized
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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Gulf Shore Rectangular Sunglasses

Shiny Black/Blue Mirrored Polarized

Product Dimension
8 x 4 x 3 inches
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backpac Costa Del Mar Men’s Harpoon Oval Sunglasses


Tortoise/Copper Green 

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List of Top 7 Best Costa Fishing Sunglasses

1-Costa Men’s Rectangular Sunglasses

Costa Rectangular Sunglasses is the men’s fishing sunglasses with polarized lenses. If you are concerned about the frame material, you are right, as these sunglasses are made of high-quality nylon frames.

Costa Del Mar Men's Rincon Fishing & Watersports Rectangular Sunglasses

The lens width of these sunglasses is 63 mm whereas its height is 44 mm. The bridge of the lens is 11 mm and its arm is 140 mm.

We all know very well that nylon is a tough material, and this one is manufactured using the bio-resin process. Most surprisingly, these are the best Costa sunglasses for fishing where the nylon frame is heat resistant and cold resistant.

The blue light rays are normally harmful to the eyes, especially when fishing due to sunlight exposure. So, these are the best sunglasses where the lenses can block harmful high-energy visible blue light rays.

These Costa polarized fishing sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays up to 400 nm. Moreover, these lenses are 580g glass lenses that give scratch-proof clarity. So these lenses are much better than the polarized lenses, which block yellow and blue light.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • High-quality resin frame
  • It comes with a UV protection coating
  • Scratch proof clarity


  • The frame quality could be improved.

2-Costa Del Mar Men’s Aviator Sunglasses

While purchasing the Costa fishing sunglasses, are you a metal frame lover? You are right because these Costa Del Mar are amazing sunglasses with metal frames. Remember that this metal frame is made up of marine-grade corrosion-resistant Monal.

Costa Del Mar Men's Fernandina Aviator Sunglasses

So, they are super tough and durable, often used in marine applications. Most surprisingly, these are the best-polarized glasses for 2024, famous for their versatile usage. The bridge of this men’s Aviator sunglasses is 15 mm whereas its arm is 132 mm. The lens width is 57 mm whereas its height is 43mm.

You can use these sunglasses for everyday activity and even on cloudy days. However, you can also use these sunglasses for sightseeing and fishing.

Moreover, these Costa polarized fishing sunglasses stand out in the market because they are made in the USA.

Along with the durable metal frame, they are also made up of high-quality plastic lenses that are polarized and give you remarkable UV protection. The lenses of these sunglasses are 580p polycarbonate lenses that are impact-resistant and lightweight.


  • UV protection coating
  • High-quality plastic lens
  • It comes with a metal frame
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • The comfort level is low.

3-Costa Del Mar Men’s Montauk Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar is stunning Costa fishing sunglasses with plastic frames. The frame color of these sunglasses is matte black, whereas their lens color is a green mirror.

Costa Del Mar Men's Montauk Rectangular Sunglasses

The size of the lens of these sunglasses is 63 mm whereas its weight is 4.48 ounces.

Along with the plastic frame, these Polarized glasses for 2024 lenses are made of high-quality 580 plastic. They are made of high-quality trivex and polycarbonate, making the sunglasses the lightest of all available on the market.

Eventually, these are considered the most durable and high-quality lenses for fishing sunglasses. Most surprisingly, these are the best Costa sunglasses for 2024 made in the USA with resin frames.

Like the above-described fishing sunglasses, they also give you great UV protection as the sunglasses have a UV protection coating. The lenses can block the harmful high-energy visible blue light rays, therefore, protecting your eyes to a high level.


  • 100% polarized Best Costa fishing glasses
  • High-quality plastic frame
  • Lightweight lens


  • Expensive Costa fishing sunglasses

4-Costa Del Mar Women’s Rectangular Sunglasses      

I am impressed by these best Costa fishing glasses by giving the first look. The reason is that they are double-shade rectangular Costa fishing sunglasses. I also like its light gray shade lenses, which I can use in all types of Daylight conditions.

Best costa glasses for fishing

Like the above fishing sunglasses, it gives the eyes 100% UV protection. So the lenses of these sunglasses can block energy from visible blue and yellow light rays. The lenses of these polarized fishing sunglasses are patented 580p polycarbonate lenses.

The lens width of these women’s rectangular sunglasses is 55 mm and its height is 44 mm. On the other hand, its bridge is 18 mm whereas its arm is 132 mm.

Therefore, these lenses are very lightweight and impact-resistant, blocking harmful blue and yellow light and enhancing beneficial red and green light. These gray silver lenses help reduce glare and have anti-fatigue properties.


  • High-quality plastic lens
  • It comes in a resin frame
  • UV protection coating
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Costly sunglasses

5-Costa Men’s Square Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar is a beautiful and modern blue color best Costa fishing sunglasses. These glasses are made of high-quality material, whereas the frame and lens are both made of high-quality plastic.

Costa Del Mar Men's Spearo Square Sunglasses

These are polarized sunglasses with a lens width of 56 millimeters. Along with their high-quality build-up, these glasses are also the best in terms of functionality.

The bridge of these high-quality lenses is 17 mm and the arm of the lenses is 134 mm. On the other side, the lens width is 56 mm and its height is 42 mm.

So, they give you 100% UV protection against harmful blue and yellow light rays up to 400 nm. They are, therefore, very lightweight and impact-resistant sunglasses with Costa 580p polycarbonate lenses, enhancing beneficial red, green, and blue light rays.

The above-described properties of these Costa fishing sunglasses confirm that they are great for harsh conditions. Moreover, you can also use these sunglasses while boating and fishing in deep water. These Best costa fishing glasses have a high-quality and durable frame because they are sturdy TR-nylon material.


  • Awesome quality
  • Perfect fit sunglasses
  • Modern look
  • 100% UV protection


  • The quality of the case could be better.

6-Costa Men’s Gulf Shore Rectangular Sunglasses

After the first glance, I was impressed by these rectangular sunglasses’ unique design and color. These are different from other sunglasses described above due to their lens shape.

best costa fishing sunglasses

Most surprisingly, these are high-quality polarized plastic lenses with resin frames. They are made in the USA, with the lenses having UV protection coating. So just like the above one, these are the Best costa fishing glasses for 2024 with great UV protection against harmful blue light.

The lens height of these rectangular sunglasses is 40 mm whereas the lens width is 66 mm. The arm is 125 mm and the bridge is 15 mm.

You must try these if you are more concerned about having very lightweight and impact-resistant Best costa glasses for 2024. They are very lightweight because the lenses are made of high-quality 580p polycarbonate.

If you are a frequent Traveler, then these sunglasses are just made for you where the lenses are specially made for harsh sun conditions. These are the best Costa polarized fishing sunglasses with high-quality lenses and frames.


  • Excellent fit sunglasses
  • Lightweight and high-quality glasses
  • UV protection coating
  • High-quality plastic lens


  • feel pressure on the eyes

7-Costa Men’s Oval Sunglasses

Many people like rectangular sunglasses, but if you are a die-heart fan of oval sunglasses, you are at the right place. These are very beautiful and modern oval sunglasses made in the US.

Best costa polarized fishing sunglasses

Most surprisingly, the frame of these Costa fishing sunglasses is made of high-quality resin, whereas the lenses are made of high-quality plastic. These are polarized fishing sunglasses with outstanding UV protection coating.

The lens width of these sunglasses is 62 mm and the lens height is 36 mm. The bridge of the lens is 18 mm and the arm is 130 mm.

Scratch-resistant lenses are made from high-quality materials. A mirror coating on the lenses makes them more attractive to wear during fishing. These are actually the best polarized glasses for 2024 with Costa 580p polycarbonate lenses.

The color of these lenses is copper green, and you can use them for various purposes, including everyday activities, cloudy days, and sight fishing.


  • Comes with a resin frame
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Plastic lens
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant


  • you might get scratches on your glasses

Buying Guide for Purchasing the Best Costa Sunglasses 2024

  • 580 Technology

The first thing we should keep in mind before purchasing Costa sunglasses is the 580 Technology. Many people do not know that Costa is the first brand with polarized color-enhancing lens Technology.

This polarized color-enhancing lens technology is also called 580. We cannot say that the lenses come with 99.99% efficiency, but they can block out blue light.

Now you can see sharper images with the help of these lenses as a 580 Technology will also filter out all the harsh yellow light and boost up the Greens, Blues, and reds. So we can say that the Costa sunglasses for fishing are polarized and come up with 580 technology.

  • Material of the Best Costa Glasses for Fishing

Costa polarized fishing sunglasses come in two main materials, glass and polycarbonate (plastic). The polycarbonate lenses, when combined with a lightweight frame, are very light in weight and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, most people prefer polycarbonate lenses because they feel very light and comfortable while wearing them. Another plus point of polycarbonate lenses is that they are much cheaper than glass lenses.

Glass lenses, on the other side, are heavier, but most people like glass lenses because they are more scratch-resistant. Most surprisingly, glass lenses are also most durable as compared to plastic lenses, and they also offer a long life for your investment.

  • Lens color

Mostly the lenses come up with a base lens and then a mirror. Most lenses people buy in these Best Costa glasses for 2024 either have copper, Amber, or gray base lenses.

So in the market, several shades of lens colors are available; however, each color is designed for a specific use.

  • Blue Mirror

The blue mirror works well if there are full Sunshine situations offshore and in open water. Normally, people use blue mirrors for saltwater fishing.

  • Green Mirror

Green mirrors are just made for you if you are more concerned about high-contrast vision. The green mirror is best for flat or inland fishing to find bonefish and trout.

  • Silver Copper Mirror

The silver-copper mirror is the light-colored lens used for stream fishing. They serve you well in mixed light conditions, such as fishing at sunset or sunrise.

  • Silver Sunrise Mirror

Silver Sunrise Mirror is particularly made for sunset and sunrise fishing. This is why they are light colors and give you 50% more light than gray lenses. Silver Sunrise mirror is also ideal to use in low light conditions.

  • Gray Mirror

We all know that gray is a little bit darker color, which is the main reason gray mirror is mostly used for bright sunny days.

  • Copper / Amber

Copper or Amber is a very popular color due to its versatility. They are specially made to cut the glare from the water.

  • Frames

We all know that frames are a very important part of glasses, not just the looks but their functionality. Make sure that the Costa polarized fishing sunglasses frames are durable, lightweight, and easily fit.

Tin Aviator frames are used to wear at the beach, but they do very little to block the light. However, if you are particularly looking for fishing sunglasses, you should go for the wider frame on the sides to prevent sunlight from hitting your eyes.

  • Material of the frame

Most surprisingly, there are different types of frame materials available in the market from which you can choose according to your choice.

  • Acetate

Many people enjoy acetate frames as they give you a luxurious feeling. It is a very lightweight yet strong frame, and most importantly, it is hypoallergenic. Consequently, acetate frames in Costa glasses are ideal for layer design with rich colors.

  • Bio-based nylon

The main specialty of bio-based nylon frames is that they are extremely strong yet lightweight. Surprisingly, this frame material is most common for the best Costa fishing sunglasses.

  • Combination material

The frame material is also available in combination form where it is combined with acetate metal and nylon frame. This type of frame material offers more performance, durability, and style.

  • Metal

The metal frame of the Costa sunglasses is very durable. Keep in mind that the metal frame is corrosion-resistant, whereas you can also go for titanium frames ready for aquatic use.

Why should you buy high-quality best Costa fishing sunglasses?

High-quality fishing sunglasses are as important as other gear important for fishing. If you go for high-quality glare-reducing lenses, you can easily see through the water, especially in bank fishing.

It will therefore cause inflammation of the eyes due to Intense UV exposure. As a result, your eyes will swell and become watery to prevent deep internal damage.

Swelling of the eyes can also affect your eyesight, making it nearly impossible to see through the water and spot fish. Costa fishing sunglasses are highly recommended by experts and doctors when fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which color of the lens is best for fishing?

Normally, copper color lenses are mostly preferred because of their ability to block out blue light. However, they are also best for enhancing depth perception and increasing contrast.

What color is polarized lens good for Lake fishing?

Rose, brown tints, and copper color lenses are ideal for Lake fishing as they give you high contrast. These color lenses are also best for ensuring fishing where you have to spot and track fish. By wearing these color lenses, you can also feel the difference in beds, shallow water, and flats. Although they are protective lenses, sometimes you cannot differentiate between Sunny and cloudy weather.

Are plastic or glass Costa lenses better?

Glass lenses are heavier than plastic lenses; however, glass lenses are scratch-resistant. Most people prefer plastic lenses because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Final Thoughts

This post reveals enough knowledge about the best Costa fishing sunglasses. You will also come across many important terms regarding fishing sunglasses. Make sure the sunglasses you purchase must be high quality, durable, and long-lasting.

However, you should also take care of other factors such as your budget, face shape, and style of the sunglasses. From my point of view, the all-rounder’s best Costa glasses for fishing are Costa Del Mar Men’s Rectangular Sunglasses. On the other side, I also recommend Costa Del Mar Men’s Aviator Sunglasses

because these sunglasses are environmentally friendly and tend to lose sunnies.

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